Saturday, November 16, 2013

JustEat India - A Review

I know I have been complaining about not having enough time of late. With the entire house shifting related things as well as some other things that are keeping me busy, getting in the kitchen and cooking something is the last thing on my mind most of these days. (Oh yeah, Food Bloggers are totally allowed to say that.)
And that is when I came across JustEat - an online food portal operating in some of the major cities across India. I'm always excited to try out online services, be it food related or something else. The icing on the cake was that this one was as well timed a discovery as any. 

Okay, who am I kidding! I am your 'I would rather stay at home and have everything come to me' type of person. So ordering food online is and having it delivered works out perfect for me, whether I'm tied up with umpteen other things or not. And with JustEat, the whole process is a breeze.

What I like about JustEat:

Ease of Use 

One of the most attractive things about JustEat is that the service is really user friendly. Signing up on the site is quite a straightforward process. So is searching for restaurants based on your preferences and placing orders. Here is a snapshot of how it works.
For more details, check out JustEat’s ‘How Online Food Ordering Works’ as well as FAQ sections on their homepage.

Plenty of Choices

You have over 2500 restaurants to choose from and taking into consideration the selection of dishes that each restaurant offers, this translates to a whopping number of options. So whether you want to hold fast to your tried and tested tastes or you are in the mood to try out something new, you just have to run a search, pile the items from the restaurant on your virtual cart, check out and wait for a knock on your door. 

Also if you are like us, your first temptation will be to run to a nearby joint when eating out. However, JustEat allows me to go beyond that and practically brings a whole lot of Restaurants in Bangalore to my finger tips. That said, do note that each restaurant has its own delivery policies with regards to order value as well as the maximum distance up to which they can deliver. You certainly would want to take note of it before placing your order. 

For the purpose of reviewing, we ordered from Laajawaab, Indiranagar - a North Indian Style Restaurant which incidentally is quite near to where we are staying.

Payment Options (include both Cash on Delivery as well Online Payment) and Discount Coupons

How you want to pay totally depends on your choice – again a huge plus for me. Especially when I’m trying out new services I like to utilize the Cash on Delivery option. That said, paying online takes one more hassle out of the process. You obviously wouldn't have to worry about the payment part anymore. Also, there are discount coupons which are applicable in case of online payments which you wouldn't want to miss.

Apart from the gift voucher that I had, we utilized online payment and encountered no issues.

Order Confirmation and Processing Notifications:

Once you make the order, you will get a notification with your order details in your mail. Again, you will be notified when the restaurant begins processing the order. 

I always like to know what is being done on my online orders and the mail and message updates were quite welcome. Also, the delivery time mentioned was kept to the dot. (Though this was outside of JustEat's services and depended entirely on the restaurant from which we had ordered food, I like to mention it here. It was a rainy day and we actually didn't expect the delivery in the time frame stipulated.

Free Mobile Apps
JustEat's Free Online Food Ordering Apps are available for Android, iPhone and Windows 8 platforms. This is a huge plus for those who like to or who are constrained to log in from their mobile phones.

I had installed the App on my android phone and checked some parameters for reviewing it. The app performs really well. The filtering options as well as checkout works just as well as the full site version. 

Will I order from them again?

Yes! On the whole, I have been extremely pleased with JustEat and will use the site again when ordering food from outside. 

Disclosure: I have been sent a gift voucher by JustEat to review their services. However, all opinions expressed are from my own experience with their service and are unbiased. The entire text contained in the post is original and has been exclusively written by me for this review. (Photos © JustEat. Text © Priya Elias.)


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